Friday, 3 October 2008

YIC in Singapore

Your International Correspondent has started the first leg of his world tour with a weekend in Singapore. YIC flew with Qantas (no "U" he now realises) which was unwittingly entertaining. YIC chortled away at the 2 overenthusiastic Aussies on the flight safety briefing: fortunately their names weren't Bruce [Monty Python reference]. After doing some culture at the National Museum, YIC did some beer on Boat Quay - not cheap at $9 for a half. He is staying in a hostel in Little India run by a cheerful chap called Nava, so some good curries should be on the menu.

Friday night - Maruthappa Restaurant fitted the bill with a chicken meal on a banana leaf and masala tea [gently spiced] for $6.50. The sauce was v v v hot - but fortunately it was in a bowl, so could be added as required. Nearby beer in the bars was also cheaper at $10 for a pint (though hardly a bargain). The Tynemouth Lodge looks more like a bargain with every passing day.

Saturday - checked out Chinatown and learned from the heritage museum about the vices that the immigrant coolies suffered from: opium, gambling, and drinking. Readers will be relieved to learn that, apart from the odd Tiger beer, YIC is currently standing fast against temptation.

Sunday - attended the local Church of the One True Light. This was an Anglican church which seemed to serve the local Chinese community. The service was loosely based on morning prayer and featured an 8 strong music group - drums, guitars, bass, the lot. Most of the songs were unknown to YIC, apart from "Blessed Assurance" which seemed to be the star turn of the day and was played with a slow rock beat. The church was very welcoming and sent YIC on his way with prayers for his time in Australia.