Sunday, 27 April 2014

I've had my tea...

In a world exclusive, Birtley News can bring you news of the English brewpub in Poland.  This watering hole has recently opened.  Ever keen to fulfil his patriotic duty, James took the family there to undertake some rigorous quality control.  After the first drink he thought the beer was not bad, after the second it was definitely improving, and the by the third...he had definitely "had his tea".  Matthew and Phoebe enjoyed it too - as readers can see from the photo.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

back on the river - for bitterns and beer

YC has made his first pilgrimage of the year to the Norfolk Broads for 10 days sailing on the fine craft Stella Genesta.   He sailed for the first week on the Green Wyvern Easter cruise, and then stayed on for the friends and family weekend.  Highlights were hearing a bittern booming overnight at Strumpshaw Fen, quanting into Norwich to moor on the Ribs of Beef pub, and the glorious Easter sunshine.  The top ale award goes to The Wolf brewery "Golden Jackal" 3.7% ABV at the Ribs of Beef - in tip top condition for only £2.50/pint.  Result!
with Peter and Tim at Rockland
quanting into Norwich

Ribs of Beef mooring
Mimosa under new rig

Monday, 7 April 2014

Newcastle take a leaf out of Scotland's book

YC made a rare pilgrimage to St James Park on Saturday to join the faithful supporting Newcastle United.  Helen A had kindly given him a ticket.  Newcastle were playing Manchester United who have been having a bit of a tough time recently.  Perhaps to no great surprise, Man U emerged from their slump to trounce Newcastle 4 - nil.  By the end, the faithful were leaving for the exits in their droves.  YC and Helen manfully stayed to the bitter end, watching Man U put the finishing touches to their victory with an injury time fourth goal.  Never mind, the first half had been entertaining, and Man U were good value for their victory.  Years of supporting Scotland is good training for such defeats.

Today YC enjoyed a decidedly quieter activity - birdwatching at Cresswell Pond followed by a jog on the beach at Druridge Bay.  Highlights at Creswell were a pair of pintails, an avocet, and a Mediterranean Gull (similar to a black-headed gull, but larger and with all-white wings).  

Newcastle on the attack
a rare second half corner

the scene at Druridge Pools