Saturday, 18 October 2008

Fremantle Fashion Fiasco

YIC went out for a drink with a room-mate Tom from Sweden. It was Friday night, so the lads and lasses of Fremantle were attired in their glad rags. YIC was also nattily dressed (as usual): Montane walking trousers, Tour of Pendle T-shirt, and sandals. They visited Little Creatures for some Bright Ale, The Sail & Anchor for a glass of Beez Neez, then walked by The Newport Hotel. Here they had a conversation with the bouncer as follows:
Bouncer - sorry sir, no entry if you aren't wearing covered shoes.
YIC - but my feet are covered, I'm wearing socks with my sandals.
Bouncer - unlucky dude, no entry.

YIC shook the dust off his sandals and walked on. It was their loss: he had been about to regale the bar with The Lambton Worm.