Thursday, 16 October 2008

Cape to Cape Track

YIC has just completed the Cape to Cape Track, a 130k walk that follows the Western Australian coast from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin. It took him 6 days and he carried all his gear - backpacking in "wild" campsites en-route. The sites were wild in the sense of there being little there, rather than rave parties every night. Indeed on a couple of nights, YIC was the only person at the sites. The sites were available at a very reasonable price - ie free, always a bonus.

While walking, YIC saw lots of lizards, a kangaroo, and whales at North Point, Gracetown. The whales were the most memorable part of the walk: tail-fin slapping and jumping out of the water.

YIC was fuelled by pasta, cup a soup, and chocolate. Indeed for the whole week, he drank only redbush tea and water clear from the babbling brook. However he is now back in Fremantle, where stronger sustance is available to quench the mundane but necessary task of slaking the raging bushwalker's thirst.
Cape Leeuwin lighthouse - the end of the walk
waves breaking over whale rock