Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Falklands Holiday

Mr & Mrs Rev T have just returned from a holiday in The Falklands. When they were not visiting the penguin colony, they were checking out the war memorial to 2 Para at Goose Green. The preferred method of transport was a Biggles-type plane. It's 30 years since The Falklands War and Argentina is upping the ante again. So YC is delighted to advise that he has the perfect response. His holiday present of a red white and blue tea towel map of The Falklands is now flying proudly at work.

left - with the penguins
right - The Biggles fan club

Goose Green war memorial

Rev T only made it back from The Falklands by the skin of his teeth. Here's why.

Monday, 27 February 2012

a trip to Murrayfield

Sunday saw The Duffs making their annual pilgrimage to Murrayfield. They were accompanied by Chris Smith. After several practices of The Marseillaise on the train, the real thing was rendered easy by the number of French supporters round about. As usual, Rev T took his boots "just in case", but on this occasion was not required for the subs bench. It was a splendid game with 2 tries for each team, but sadly Scotland couldn't win (plus ca change) with France prevailing 17-23. Nevertheless readers will be heartened to learn that the beer in The Last Drop and Half Way House was excellent.

left - Emma & Chris discuss half time team tactics
right - an eager fan leaps (a la Rev T) for the line-out from the sidelines

kilts to the fore on The Esplanade

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Trogging on to Blackburn

left - courtesy of Geoff Matthews
right - courtesy of

The Wadsworth Trog is a 20 mile fellrace over Pennine moors near Hebden Bridge. Once a covering of snow and lots of ice is added to the equation, it becomes "challenging" and "fun". In a marvellous poke in the eye to the health and safety brigade, the race went ahead on Saturday despite the adverse underfoot conditions. Despite all the ice on the course, YC only fell over once and managed to enjoy the stunning views over the moors. He finished 36th out of circa 140 runners in 3 hours 37 mins.

YC had been persuaded to enter by John Telfer (a veteran of several Trogs). Sadly John's race was curtailed when he stopped to assist a runner who had sprained an ankle. However John's journey was not entirely wasted. He can now add the qualifications FGP and GFS to his name. In case readers are wondering, FGP = Fox & Goose [pub in Hebden Bridge] Patron and GFS = Good Fellrunning Samaritan - check out the fellrunner's version in Luke's Gospel here.

After the race, YC travelled to Blackburn to see Paul & Topsy Thomasson. YC had run the Wadsworth Trog, and Paul had watched Blackburn Rovers win. So all in all, a minor celebration was called for - and a pleasant evening of chat, food and wine ensued. On Sunday YC attended mass at The Sacred Heart church with Topsy and her aunt Kate - and enjoyed belting out a few hymns.

Now if only Scotland could win a game of rugby, YC's life would be complete.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday on The Town Moor

left - NFR and Heaton Harriers on Cow Hill
right - on the way down

The hills were a little smaller than the Lakeland fare of last week. But the running was probably more difficult - as group leader Phil Green had decreed that it would be " 5 times up Cow Hill hard, then 5 times down hard". So it was YC found himself harking back to his school days - running up and down the hills on The Town Moor.

Later in the day YC found time for some birdwatching. Yesterday's snow buntings were not be seen at Blyth, but purple sandpipers at Seaton Sluice and nuthatches in Holywell Dene made for an enjoyable day.

Wales have just sorted out Ireland in a very entertaining rugby match. Well done the boyos. However guess where Scotland play next...The Millennium Stadium. It could be a long season for the boys in blue.