Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A visit to Krakow

Mr & Mrs Rev T have been visiting the Krakow Duffs.  An enjoyable time was had by all.  Highlights included taking a horse and carriage ride (see photo below) and visiting The Sports Bar of The Sheraton Hotel where the following conversation took place:

Matthew - It says on the menu that you qualify for a free drink if you are a sportsman.
Granny -  Does swimming in the sea count?
James - Yes, but the free drink is a cup of tea.
Grandpa - I've had my tea!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Only Cardiff gives you Brains

YC visited Emma Duff at The Queen's Foundation, Birmingham where she is training for ordination.  After checking out The Wellington pub - 15 real ales on tap - we walked along the canal to Queen's which is in Edgbaston.  Friday evening was spent in the Common Room where Emma is in charge of the bar (vital ordination training). 

On Saturday we headed to Cardiff to see Wales v Argentina.  Supporting Argentina wasn't overly attractive and we didn't know their anthem, so Wales (My Hain Gwlad vern hadai...) got the vote.  It proved to be a wise move, as Wales ran in 4 tries to nil, winning 40-6.  2 of the tries - Mike Phillips and George North - were right in front of us. Before the game, we checked out The Goat Major  - a cracking pub offering Brains Bitter at only £2.64 a pint.

Sunday morning was spent at St Francis Church, Bournville, where Emma is to be placed for this year.  The Bishop of Aston was on hand for a confirmation.  After Sunday lunch in college and a stroll around the grounds, YC headed home reflecting on a good weekend. 

Remember readers - only Cardiff gives you Brains.

pre-match line-up
At The Millennium Stadium

Queen's Chapel

Monday, 4 November 2013

RYA Instructor Week

YC has spent the last week in Norfolk, training to be an RYA sailing instructor.  This has involved sailing yeomans (small keelboats) with the Nancy Oldfield Trust on Barton Broad - and very enjoyable it was too.  Techniques learned included lying-to, man overboard, and the RYA method of tacking.  YC, with Ian Bowmaker and Bill Bacon, emerged as RYA instructors at the end.  The next step is to pass on all this new-found wisdom on a Green Wyvern week - stand by one and all!

There was a chance for a minor celebration at the De-rigging Party on Saturday at Cantley.  YC would like to reassure readers that he didn't drink any of the lovely Reedham Gold (3.6% ABV) or wash it down at the end of the evening with a dark rum.
"The Ark" on Barton Broad
heading out of Neatishead

the new instructors - Bill, Jane, Ian, Fi, YC