Sunday, 21 September 2014

Maya arrives, Susan jumps out

YC is delighted to bring you news of:

Maya Amelia - born to Michael & Rowena in London weighing 6 lbs 6 oz.  For the linguists out there - Maya is pronounced "my - a".  Michael reports that Rowena's father purchased some excellent whisky to wet the baby's head.  Euan (Michael's father) thought it his grandfatherly duty to force a glass between his parched lips - and was surprised how much he liked it.

Susan Miller in South Africa - who, when not presenting at a conference into lion genetics, has been on a birdwatching trip with Vince to see gannets and albatrosses, with the added bonus of a couple of southern right whales surfacing next to their boat.  On a separate trip to see penguins, they were so overcome with the moment that they boarded the wrong train home.  It was a special school train going to the middle of nowhere.  Ever resourceful, they jumped out when the train slowed to a crawl through a side station.  All those years riding the Canadian railroads have clearly not gone amiss.

flamingos in South Africa - by Susan

Friday, 19 September 2014

3 cheers for The UK

Scotland has voted against independence, and YC for one views this as very good news indeed.  This is on several fronts:
  • economically - it would have been lunacy for Scotland to divorce itself from the powerhouse that is in London.  When North Sea oil starts to dwindle, Scotland would struggle to support itself.
  • from the heart - YC is proud to say he is British.  This would have been diminished by Scottish independence. 
  • sport - YC supports Scotland at rugby and has done so for years.  But supporting an independent Scotland with Alex Salmond leading the way, would have been a step too far. Also, Team GB could have been deprived of the Scottish men & women who have contributed to recent successes at The Olympic Games and The European Championships.
So three cheers for the UK, and let's move forward as The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

We will remember them

Gordon Stuart Cameron
7th Battalion Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

Killed in action 22nd August 1917.  No known grave, he is commemorated by name at Tyne Cot Memorial, Passchendaele, Belgium

On the 100th anniversary of The First World War, here is a photo and article prepared by Rev T for the display at Holy Saviour's Church.  Gordon Cameron was an older brother of Marjory Cameron [Granny Duff to most family readers]. He was Rev T's uncle and YC's great uncle.

The family have his letters home.  In the last, he says "I am quite well and expect to go in the trenches tonight. We will be going over the top in a day or so, so it is in providence's hands, dear knows if I come through it alright.  Don't look on the black side but I thought it best to warn you".

The next letter received was from his pal: "Dear Mrs Cameron, Just a few lines to express my sorrow, and let you know how Gordon was killed. We went into an attack on Wednesday morning. We got separated but I was told by a chap that saw him. He was wounded twice and died of his wounds. I thought it my duty to write and to let you know as I chummed with Gordon since I have been in the army and he was one of the nicest and best natured chaps I ever met. It cut me up awful much when I heard about it. Well I have explained as much as I know, and please accept the deepest sympathy from me, his chum".