Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Trail running in Africa

Foreign news - YC's cousin Susan Miller has run a 9k trail race in Pretoria. She finished a very respectable 10th lady out of circa 50 ladies. Despite the heat and lack of any meaningful distance running, Susan took the trail race in her stride. Indeed as she crossed the finish line, she was heard to mutter: "watch out YC, it's fellrunning next - I'm sure I can make the NFR relay team next year". You heard it here first.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Go Tell Everyone

Today at Holy Saviour's Church the congregation learnt a new hymn - "God's Spirit is in my heart". As YC scanned the words, he realised he had sung it before. 20 years ago he had been to a Catholic service in Loddon (Norfolk) with his family and Lois Gordon (Webber at the time). The service had ended with this hymn which has a belting refrain - "and go tell everyone the news that the kingdom of God has come". Rev T was suitably circumpsect on the first couple of verses, but then gradually warmed to his task. Indeed he sang the final "AND GO TELL EVERYONE!" with such gusto that YC could have sworn that the good folks of Loddon jumped into the next pew in shock. Here's a suitably stirring but not particularly reverent version of the hymn. Note for Rev T: boom boom required next time.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Fife fellrunning

YC was running in the national fellrunning relays for NFR at the weekend. These were held in the Lomond Hills, Fife (the 2 conical shaped hills that you see across the Firth of Forth as you approach Edinburgh by train). He was representing the veterans team (no ageist comments please) and ran the pairs leg with David Armstrong. This turned out to be a testing 9.5 miler with circa 2,500 ft of climbing and took 1 hour 41 mins. Overall the NFR vets' performance is probably best described as 'stately' with the emphasis on taking part rather than winning. Indeed John Telfer, our last leg runner, was marginally slower than our vet lady for the same leg. When quizzed on this, JT revealed that he had been the nominated driver the night before and so had missed his customary 2 pint warm-up. So with a bit more training on beer, YC is sure that the NFR vets will soon be sweeping all before them.

left - on the home straight of leg 1 (photo - John Telfer)
right - Will Horsley (stroking the dog) on the summit of West Lomond on a recce the day before

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Kelly Arrival

Antony Kelly and his daughters Emily and Clare have been visiting Tynemouth. For those not red-hot on the family tree, Antony is Pat's cousin on the Walker side. His parents were Geoffrey and Biddy (Grandpa Walker's sister). When they have not been wandering around Newcastle and Durham, they have found time to see the cultural sites of Tynemouth (Copperfields bar and The Dolphin pub). YC has accompanied them to test the quality of the ale: greater love hath no man etc....Here they are enjoying a meal at the Percy Gardens HQ.

from the left - Emily, Mr & Mrs Rev T, Clare, Antony

and in the Tynemouth Lodge Hotel with Mike & Liz Shipway and Andrew Walker

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay

YC ran a leg of the Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay for Northumberland Fell Runners on Sunday. The relay has 4 legs with a pair of runners on each leg. The weather was suitably wet with low cloud and poor visibility. YC was on leg 3 with David Armstrong. This is the shortest leg (4.5 miles) and goes from Hartsop to Patterdale via Angle Tarn. DA set a keen pace up the hill and YC did his best to follow. We made it round in 43 mins gaining one place in the process. Overall NFR finished 25th out of about 60 teams.

Lee & Scott our leg 2 runners smile through the rain

left - misty conditions at the Kirkstone Pass at the end of leg 1
right - and not much better on the valley floor at the finish at Brothers Water.