Sunday, 29 January 2012

a winter's day in the lake district

YC spent an enjoyable couple of days in The Lake District. After a jog up to Angle Tarn in the snow on Friday, he re-hydrated with the odd half of ale in The Dog & Gun (Keswick) with John Telfer in the evening. On Saturday he ventured forth with John T and Paul Appleby to blow off the cobwebs with a run around some of the north-western fells. The day was superb - no wind, high clouds, and a few inches of snow above 1,000 feet.

He took the new banner photo (above) from Maiden Moor. Can any reader name the central peak (and indeed any others) in the banner photo? There's no prize but a pint of the necessary might await any correct entries.

Paul - I don't think the summit bar on Ard Crags sells real ale
John - what? Taxi to The Dog & Gun!

left - John & Paul on Dale Head
right - YC on a new hill - High Snockrigg

Friday, 27 January 2012

Three Trumpeters' Waltz

Here's the link
YC is attending a singing class at The Sage. One of the songs the group is tackling is Three Trumpeters' Waltz by Mike Vass. The link is given above - the song is track 10. The vocals kick in after about a minute. It's very canny to listen to when you're sitting at your PC.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

What to do on Sunday

It's Sunday, so YC has been:

birdwatching at Cresswell Pond. He walked into the hide, and met Mel & Bruce from his old folk group at The Sage. So when YC was not watching red breasted mergansers, short eared owls and pink-footed geese, he was chewing the fat on the merits of the New Rope String Band's Christmas concert. The general consensus was that they were VG.Link
to evensong at Holy Saviour's - the sermon majored on Melchizedek (a priest who features in the book of Hebrews) and how Jesus was the ultimate high priest who bridged the gap between God and Man. It turns out that Melchizedek features twice in the Old Testament. A pint awaits any theologically minded reader who can name the two OT references.

slaking the raging evensong thirst - YC rounded off the day with a relaxing pint (or two) of Deuchars in the Tynemouth Lodge whilst tackling The Times Saturday crossword. He is only half way through at the moment. So come back Rev T! Despite a dodgy light blue university education, your assistance is much missed.

Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year celebrations

YC spent New Years Eve in Keswick with friends. As it was NYE, YC deemed it appropriate to see in 2012 with the odd half of beer (how unusual! he hears readers cry). On New Years Day he dispelled any lingering 2011 hangover with the Nine Standards Fell Race. This 8 miler is an out and back route to Nine Standards Rigg from Kirkby Stephen. A torrential downpour passed over an hour before the start, and the race was run in good conditions - if very wet underfoot. It was an enjoyable blast which took YC 1 hours 8 mins. He finished in his customary place about one third of the way down the field. And of course after the race, YC first had his tea...

left - on the way up
right - and on the way down
photos thanks to Stu Stoddart

The next day YC climbed Catbells with the New Years Eve revellers. He then extended the walk with Coz Cummins to take in High Spy, Dale Head, and Hindscarth. It was distinctly chilly on the tops with a dusting of snow/hail, but the views were stunning.

left - Kelvin and Lorna prepare to tackle the North Face of The Eiger/Catbells
right - Coz on Dale Head

And finally, here is a joke for readers to chortle in the New Year, courtesy of Kelvin:
Qu - why did the scarecrow win an award?
Ans - because he was the best in his field.