Wednesday, 29 October 2014

OMM 2014 - and a photo teaser

at the finish
More running - this time in The Cheviots with Paul Hainsworth on the OMM (Original Mountain Marathon).  This 2 day event was held at Clennell Hall near Alwinton.  YC has been up most of the hills (Bloodybush Edge, Cushat Law, Hogdon's Law etc) which was an advantage.  But he still hadn't explored all the minor peaks and paths of Kidland Forest that the OMM took him to.

It blew a gale at times, which made for a rather exciting/noisy overnight camp, and the print on the map was so small that YC struggled to read it (a minor detail for a navigation event).  But apart from that, it was all jolly good fun.  We managed to finish 6th overall in the medium score class (not bad for 2 old codgers/vets).  

Over a de-briefing pint in The Dolphin, we decided we should do some more events - preferably with a bit more fitness in the tank, as we were both cream-crackered at the end.

And finally, can you name the farm in the new banner photo?

a few more photos here
steep climbing on day 2
can you name the farm?

Monday, 20 October 2014

British Fell Relays

YC ran the British Fell Relays for Northumberland Fell Runners yesterday.  He was in the veterans team (yes, you'd be amazed at that - readers are too kind) and ran the last leg.  In the end, it turned out to be a tussle with the NFR open team, with their anchor runner George Nicholson sweeping past YC to bring in the open team as first NFR team.

The event was held near Sedbergh in the Howgill Fells.  It was good grassy running, and the forecast showers only arrived on the last leg (groan).  YC's leg took him just over the hour and his other leg (with dodgy calf) also held up under the strain.

Nearly all the big fellrunning names were there - Rob Hope, Rob Jebb, Steph Scott...  All it needed was John Telfer and the line up would have been complete.

A fuller report from Old Cheviot will appear on the NFR website.

Left - so who was quickest between YC and George?
Answer - YC knows his place.

Photos courtesy of Steph.  A few more photos here.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

sushi & football in Krakow

YC was in Krakow at the weekend visiting James and family.  Highlights of the trip were:
  • Matthew's birthday meal in a Japanese restaurant.  YC tasted sushi for the first time - cue jokes about it being grim up north, no culture there etc
  • Phoebe's prowess at football (scoring lots of goals past YC) and drinking hot chocolate (it vanished at a rate of knots)
  • Finding the local real ale bar offering Kinga Vale Bitter (3.8% ABV) at £1.60 per pint
Here are a couple of photos - more to follow.

And finally, a joke from Matthew:
Why can't pirates learn the alphabet?
Because they always get stuck at sea!

Matthew's birthday sushi
Sheraton rooftop bar

Monday, 6 October 2014

Ian Hodgson Relay 2014

with Steph after leg 3
YC was part of the Northumberland Fell Runners team that ran the Ian Hodgson Relay yesterday. This fell relay is held in Patterdale in the Lake District.  The weather was typically Lakeland - low cloud and a bit of rain.  So navigation was at a premium.  YC was on leg 3 with Steph Scott.  This leg starts at the Kirkstone Pass and heads over Red Screes and Dove Crag, before dropping down to Brotherswater for the handover.  We opted for a safety-first steady run with map & compass in hand. So we weren't in any danger of breaking the leg record, but didn't get lost and thoroughly enjoyed the run.  A fuller report will appear on the NFR website.

Borrowdale (winners) blast off
Afterwards, numerous cups of tea were consumed in the tea-tent at the finish.  And of course, when you've had your tea...something stronger awaits.  YC repaired to the Tynemouth Lodge in the evening with Nina L who gave him a debrief on the sermon at Holy Saviour's Church, while suggesting that YC slake the raging fellrunner's thirst with a pint of the necessary.  YC thought it diplomatic to follow orders.

comparing notes with Will and Dexter
In international news, John Telfer is holidaying in San Francisco.  He reports that he has found a soul mate in Mr Samuel Adams - purveyor of fine ales.  He has even found time to watch his beloved QPR on the TV - who are currently doing the decent thing of keeping Newcastle United off the bottom of the table.