Sunday, 25 April 2010

firemen and Ned Kelly

The Canberra Millers have enjoyed a trip to Tasmania. Peter reports that they visited Rick & Kiz in Hobart, had a damp but enjoyable walk to Meander waterfalls near Deloraine, and stayed in a hut which had the added bonus of a fireman's pole. They also visited a replica of Ned Kelly's homestead in Glenrowan. The wall was covered with hessian and old newspaper. One item in particular caught Peter's attention. Readers are invited to click on the middle photo and decide which race YC would best be placed to do.

On that note, YC ran The Anniversary Waltz fell race in the Lake District yesterday. After 11.5 miles over Robinson, Hindscarth, Dale Head, High Spy and Cat Bells (all in warm sunshine), the Old Buffers' Race is probably all that YC can manage today.

left - Patrick and Tristan in Ned Kelly's homestead
right - fireman Natalie

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Mimosa at Cantley

Here are a few photos of Mimosa taken by Margaret Kilner (Wisp) at Cantley on the Easter weekend. The first one shows FC2 about to moor. The second are taken as FC2 glides serenely away from the moorings (aided by a swift half of Wherry at The Reedcutters).

Monday, 19 April 2010

summer's here?

There's still a few patches of snow in Northumberland as these photos of The Cheviot and Hedgehope show. YC took these today when he ran up Hedgehope from the Ingram Valley via Linhope Spout and returned via Dunmoor Hill. But it would seem that summer is upon us (possibly). The proof? YC saw not one, but two, swallows on Saturday at Boulmer perched on a telegraph wire.

For those who are glad at the arrival of summer, here is a joke courtesy of Matthew Duff to send you on your way rejoicing.
Qu: what's got four wheels and flies?
Ans: a garbage truck.

Ho ho.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

clocking in for snakes and ladders

Matthew Duff is staying with Grandpa and Granny (aka Mr & Mrs Rev T) for a few days. When he is not honing his skills with the rugby ball in the gardens, Matthew has coloured in a snakes and ladders board and also made a particularly fine clock. Grandpa is especially grateful for the clock as it reminds him what time he should have his tea. After which, he's often known to look wistfully at the wine-rack and declare: "Well Matthew, I've had my tea..."

Monday, 12 April 2010

Gisborough Moors Race

YC ran the Gisborough Moors Race yesterday. It's a 12.5 miler that takes in Captain Cook's Monument and Roseberry Topping. Conditions were superb with a blue skies and a gentle breeze on the tops. He got round in just over 100 minutes. This was nothing compared to John Telfer and Phil Green who had warmed up by running the Allendale Challenge [25 miles] the day before. Despite the ravages of the Pennine peat bogs the day before, John was only 3 minutes slower than his previous time at Gisborough. He later admitted that he had employed his secret weapon: he had been training on beer during the week. Good man.

Adnams and Bitterns

YC has just returned from a week sailing on the Norfolk Broads on Mimosa with Andy & Lois. Conditions ranged from a flat calm to a three reefer, and April showers to glorious sunshine. Places visited included Thorpe Gardens, Loddon, and the place we do like [Beccles].The bird watchers on board were in seventh heaven at the sightings of avocets on the Waveney mudflats at Turn Tide Jetty, and a bittern near Collier's Dyke (river Waveney). The beer drinkers on board were equally pleased with the superb Adnams available during the week. Rumour has it that Adnams is packed full of antioxidants that are excellent for keeping those nasty free radicals at bay. It's a rumour that YC is more than happy to subscribe to.

left - Mimosa at Cantley; middle - waiting for Somerleyton Railway Bridge to open; right - stocking up on the antioxidants in The Bear & Bells, Beccles.

no motors here - quanting under Thorpe Railway Bridge

more photos