Monday, 18 April 2011

a fellrun, a party, and a swim

In an action packed weekend, YC ran the Coledale Horseshoe Fell Race on Saturday. It heads over Grisedale Pike and Eel Crags in the Lake District and packs 3,000 ft of climbing into its 9 miles. There's a report on the NFR website.

On Sunday he joined a convivial family party at Il Forno's restaurant. The occasion was James, Katie, Matthew & Phoebe being in Tynemouth for the weekend. Fine food and good company made for a very enjoyable lunch. Nephew Matthew announced that YC had an A level in craziness - wherever did he get that idea from?

Today YC did some further studying on his A level with a swim in the North Sea. It's on the chilly side, but YC has invested in a wet suit so the temperature is bearable. Afterwards he headed up to Cresswell Pond where he spotted a yellow wagtail - this takes YC's UK bird list to 100. Only another 100 odd to go...

left - James samples the wine under Rev T's approving gaze
right - Phoebe, Gill and Pat

Hands up if you think Uncle Johnny's crazy. Matthew waves to the camera.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Allendale Challenge 2011

The Allendale Challenge is a 25 mile event for walkers/runners over the hills in South Northumberland. It ranges from easy running on good tracks to waist-deep bogs and peat hags on Killhope Law. This year the weather was unusually warm - no thermals and waterproofs were required, rather sunscreen and water bottles were to the fore.

YC ran much of the race in company with Graham Walton. Starting off steadily, we gradually reeled in the other runners and moved up the field. Graham ran really strongly and pulled away in the last few miles. But he still managed to drag YC to a PB of 4 hours 2 mins, 5th overall from a field of approx 100.

In the evening YC deemed it prudent to rehydrate with the odd half of shandy - after all, the weather had been particularly hot.

more reports on the NFR website

Monday, 4 April 2011

as fit as a lop

YC enjoyed a jog around the Simonside Hills today. Parking in Rothbury, he headed up the route of the Hillforts & Headaches race before following some of the Beacon Hill race around the flank of Simonside. It was a slate grey day with a chilly breeze blowing, but the views over towards The Cheviots were good. Afterwards he drove to Cresswell Pond where the red breasted mergansers (look them up in your bird book) were putting on a fine display - 4 males were in hot pursuit of a lucky (or unlucky?) female.

As it's the season of Lent, some readers might have given something up for Lent. Emma Duff reports that she is abstaining from alcohol, cakes and biscuits, and feels "as fit as a lop". Readers may consider this admirable though unobtainable for them. In which case they could consider the example of John Telfer, who is warming up for the Allendale Challenge with vodka and beer whilst holidaying in Russia. YC, as always, will be following the diplomatic middle way - a half of shandy if the weather is particularly hot...