Sunday, 10 January 2016

Susan & Vince's wedding

Congratulations to Susan & Vince who were married at Cape Point Winery near Cape Town. Susan Miller is OC's cousin, and has been living and working in South Africa for a number of years now.  There was a full turnout from the Miller clan who came from all points of the globe to be there. Mr & Mrs OC and Mr & Mrs Rev T were the UK family representatives.  

Mr & Mrs OC enjoyed numerous good walks including Table Mountain, Silvermine Nature Reserve, and Fernkloof Nature Reserve in Hermanus.  There was also time to run on the beach, and swim in the Atlantic Ocean (chilly) and the Indian Ocean (rather warmer).  Fortunately OC avoided the fate of the man who drowned in a bowl of muesli - he was pulled under by a strong currant [joke provided for Natalie by special request!]

Below - 3 photos from the wedding, and Mrs OC on Assvoelkop summit in Fernkloof.