Monday, 10 February 2014

Calcutta Cup - Scotland come second (again)

The Calcutta Cup was great if you were supporting England, but a bit tougher for Scottish fans.  YC saw it in company with Chris, Rob and Neale - all of whom were firmly in the English camp and hence were delighted at the result (Scotland 0 England 20).  But at least the beer in The Half Way House and Bow Bar was superb, and the rain held off for most of the time.  Scotland must be wondering where they can turn to next.  Reports that Scotland's coach Scott Johnson has been on the phone to Rev T begging him to come out of retirement are not thought to be true.

You can't win them all - indeed Scotland would settle for just one win at the moment.  YC lives in hope that one will come along soon - preferably against France or Wales as he will be at the games.  This might be a vain hope, but "you never know!"
Owen Farrell converts Luther Burrell's try
Rob and Neale enjoy the game