Tuesday, 27 January 2015

more congratulations

This time to Susan Miller and Vince who are to be married in Cape Town in December.  They announced the news to the assembled Miller family on the family get together in Hawaii.  Here's a photo of some of Susan's nephews and nieces enjoying the beach.  A jolly time is clearly being had by all.  YC has it on strong authority that it was just a tad warmer than Tynemouth.

Left - "Auntie Susan urges desperate measures to stop the next generation overtaking her in height."
Susan & Vince

Monday, 12 January 2015

Pete's Band plays again

Pete's Band was reunited for one more gig on Saturday.  Despite offers to appear at The Sage/City Hall etc, the band settled for a quiet night at Bruce and Mel's house.  Numbers knocked out with aplomb included The Bonnie Maid of Fife, The Rose of Allendale, and Remembrance (by Les Holloway).   It's the Albert Hall next.  Failing that, Eric has offered to host the next gig.

If readers are wondering where the band gets its name from - it's very simple.  The band are named after Pete Challoner (of New Rope String Band fame) who led a class at folkworks 10 years ago.

From the right - Ming, Mel, Bruce, Eric, Rinke, YC