Monday, 18 April 2016

Birtley News - 18 years on - time to pause

Birtley News has been running in one shape or form for nearly 18 years now.  It started off in print, before moving on to the internet.   YC's life has changed somewhat in the last year - marriage, a move to Durham, other priorities etc.  So this seems a natural time to pause, take a break, and reflect.  BN hasn't necessarily disappeared.  But there will be no more posts for a while.  

But don't despair readers!  YC can still be contacted by e-mail, mobile (on his whizzo i-phone), Royal Mail, and carrier pigeon (possibly).

Sunday, 3 April 2016

A week on The Broads with The Green Wyvern

It was a tad windy at times - with Storm Katie making her presence felt in no uncertain times.  For the first 3 days, Stella had 3 reefs in plus the storm jib.  But gradually the weather improved, with blue skies and a  gentle breeze.  Haunts visited included Surlingham Ferry, Beccles, and Oulton Broad.  A kingfisher, barn owl, and numerous marsh harriers were on view.  Plus just the half or two of excellent ale (top marks were awarded to The Adnams at The Waveney, Oulton Broad).

Photos (clockwise from top left) - Stella at North Cove, Puck with 3 reefs at North Cove, Peter & Will on the Waveney leaving Beccles, and the crew of Puck (Andy, Dave, Tim & Theresa).