Thursday, 26 July 2012

Richard Taylor RIP

Richard Taylor has died. He was vicar of Holy Saviour's Tynemouth from 1983 - 1991. Richard was academically bright, read classics and theology at Oxford University, and was ordained young at 25. A keen singer, he was a long-standing member of The Priory Singers. He served throughout his ministry as a parish priest, and was generally a good egg caring for his parishioners. At his funeral today his sons recounted a tale from his time in Benwell (tough parish in Newcastle's West End).

Richard was chatting to some workmen in the street outside the vicarage. They had lifted the manhole cover and were seemingly working on the drains. 5 minutes later, Richard was back outside, offering a tray of tea and coffee to the workmen. They gratefully accepted the drinks before getting back to work. The next day Richard received a visit from the local constabulary. The library had been burgled in the night. The workmen had been cutting the alarm wires.

The service concluded today with The Priory Singers performing In Paradisum from Faure's Requeim, which begins:

In paradisum deducant te angeli.
[May the angels lead you into paradise.]

Sunday, 22 July 2012

cruising in the leisured style of a bygone age

YC has just returned from an extended northern waters cruise on the fine craft Stella Genesta. As with all good cruise ships, she provided fine food, ale and sailing - all enjoyed in the leisured style of a bygone age. Haunts re-visited included Stalham, Wroxham, and the upper Thurne (several times). Birds seen were hobbies, marsh harriers, and 100 plus avocets on Breydon. Ales tasted were Adnams, Wherry, and Greene King IPA - all of which slaked the raging maritime thirst quite adequately. Other yachts met included Ladybird, Sabrina (Kate & Damien), Force Four, Primrose (Miles and family), and Japonica (Brendan & family).

left - sailing up The Thurne with the Hunter fleet
right - an Old Hand quants out of Stalham

left - all hands on deck as Primrose leaves Thurne Dyke
right - with Primrose and Japonica at Thurne

left - dinghy racing on Hickling Broad
right - sunset at Burgh Castle on the return to the Waveney

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Chevy Chase 2012

Every year YC says a prayer for bad weather so that he can put his local knowledge to the test. And every year, the sun duly blazes down. Today YC's prayers were answered, in fact overly so. The overnight downpour had left the course waterlogged and the streams running high. As a result the organisers had to shorten the route which took a beeline from Cheviot Knee to Langley Crags.

The bad weather course was billed as 12 miles. This led to a cavalry charge up the road at the start, more reminiscent of a 10k race. In fact the amended course was 15 miles long and was mostly run in thick mist. More than one runner went astray. Some liked Langley Crags so much that they visited it twice.

YC ran most of the race in company with Graham Walton who was running strongly. This led to conversations such as:
Graham - I'm keeping my heart-rate at only 80%.
YC (heart going 19 to the dozen) - so am I (not).

YC knew the route, and Graham was running well, so between us we managed a decent time and enjoyed the race. YC finished a couple of hundred yards behind Graham in 17th place in 2 hours 17 mins.

Due to the shortened course and early finish, there was even time to slake the raging fellrunner's thirst in The Tynemouth Lodge afterwards. John Telfer, visiting Newcastle, insisted on a trip to sample the fine ales on offer. YC thought it polite to accompany him. Greater love hath no man....

Friday, 6 July 2012

Sports Day and Olympic Top Trumps

YC was down in Wonersh visiting James & family last weekend. The great British summer faired up just enough for Matthew's sports day on the Saturday. Matthew ran the 150 metres and led off the Big Relay involving the whole school. When James played rugby at school, Rev T kept a low-key role, inconspicously dressed on the sidelines in plus fours bellowing "Come on School!". James is following in similar vein. His cries of "Come on Spades!" [Matthew's house] could be heard for miles around.

On Sunday, there was time for a walk in Blackheath woods before a game of Olympic top trumps [Usain Bolt, Daly Thompson et al] rounded off a fine weekend.

left - King of the Castle in Blackheath Woods
right - the Duff family and Scrumpy

left - keeping warm with Jacky Boyd's socks
right - a young fellrunner (on the left) in the making