Monday, 20 July 2015

wedding news

Are readers sitting down?  Because if they haven't heard the news, they had better be.

Your Correspondent is getting married.  He popped the question to Mrs OC (Emma B)  on holiday on the Isle of Man.  He is delighted to report that she said yes.  YC is moving to Durham to live with Emma.   The plan is for a small church wedding in the autumn.  As more than one reader has commented - how life changes in a short space of time.

Here's a photo of Emma on the Isle of Man, plus a photo from Finbarrs restaurant where we went out for a celebratory meal with Emma's son Cameron.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

a priesting and a fellrace (not at the same time)

Congratulations to Emma Duff who was ordained a priest on Sunday at Newcastle Cathedral.  She was supported by folk from her parish of Willington plus family and friends from Holy Saviour's. Afterwards there was a jolly lunch at The Church of The Good Shepherd, Battle Hill.  Emma is pictured below with her parish priest Sue, with a gift of a communion set.  Also shown are some of the supporting cast, including Euan inconspicuously dressed in his diocesan chancellor robes.  Photos courtesy of Mrs OC.

In other news, YC ran the Chevy Chase on Saturday, and was delighted to finish 4th.  Some fitness courtesy of Mrs OC helped, as did many of the competitors getting lost in the mist.  YC had his tea afterwards, followed by a pleasant stroll on the beach with Mrs OC.  And when you've had your tea...