Thursday, 26 February 2015

Tribune Matthew brings you the news

There is a new addition to the Roman Senate.  Step forward: Tribune Matthew.  Here he is pictured in Rome.  On being elected to his post, Tribune Matthew said: "Ave.  Veni vidi, legi BN." which roughly translates as "Hail.  I came, I saw, I read Birtley News."  To which, YC can only add - "audi audi!" [hear hear].

Tribune Matthew also reports on a recent sighting on the North Yorkshire Moors.  Namely an elderly fellrunner known as Old Cheviot, gamely struggling up the fells, feeling every year of his aged bones.  And what's more, OC was doing his best to keep up with the swift lady fellrunner in front - Mrs Old Cheviot no less.    Apparently the two were spotted reccing the route of the 3 Tops fell race, including Roseberry Topping.  

Tribune Matthew noted that the recce was grand way to work up a thirst.  Having had their tea, OC & Mrs OC took in Evensong at Durham Cathedral, before thirsting after righteousness in a nearby licensed premise.  The Colpitts Hotel was the find of the day.  A basic welcoming pub selling Sam Smiths Bitter at only £1.80/pint.  Jubilate!

Tribune Matthew
with Mrs OC (aka Emma) on Roseberry Topping

Sunday, 8 February 2015

all our yesterdays

YC thought readers might like this old photo.  It was supplied by Yvonne Lambert and taken at Berwick Rowing Regatta in 1969.  It features a youthful Mr & Mrs Rev T.  And the young chap in the pram?  It's an even more youthful YC - too young to eat ice creams and even too young for beer!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Winter's here

And it's definitely chilly in Northumberland.  Here's a photo that YC took today on a jog around the hills in the Ingram valley.  But it's colder in Poland.   James & co have been skiing for the day.  Here they are on the slopes.  Can readers spot the similarity between the junior skier at the forefront and the (ever so slightly) older skier at the back?  They could be father and son.

To add to all the excitement, it's Rev T's birthday.  75 years young.  He celebrated with the odd pint (or two) in the Tynemouth Lodge with his brothers and YC.  Photo below.