Monday, 30 June 2014

Revd Emma

Emma Duff was ordained deacon by Bishop Martin at Newcastle Cathedral on Sunday.  About 65 friends and family were at the service.  They were joined by several other folk for a convivial celebration in the Parish Hall - where good food and drink were accompanied by ceilidh dances led by "The Saviour's Ravers" (aka The Music Group past and present).  YC thought it was duty to force the odd pint of Deuchars between his parched lips at the celebration - greater love hath no brother...

It has been a long journey for Emma.  But as the prophet Jeremiah said - "I know the plans I have for you, says The Lord, plans to give you hope and a future".  Those plans will now be brought to fruition in Emma's role as curate in the Willington Team Ministry (an area comprising Battle Hill, Howdon and Willington Quay in North Tyneside).  Step forward the new Rev E!

more photos here
with Lois & Alison
Rev E & Rev T

with Jayne
with Amanda

Monday, 23 June 2014

Windy Gyle photos

A couple of photos from the Windy Gyle Race.  Thanks to Andy Russell who supplied these.

On the left - Phil Green gives the pre-race briefing.  Order number 1 - all elite runners wearing fetching white calf supports must start from the back to give everyone else a chance.

On the right - the descent off Windy Gyle along the border ridge.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Midsummer Sunrise Swim & Windy Gyle Fell Race

The King Edward's Bay Swimmers celebrated midsummer's day with a sunrise swim.  Rising before the lark, they were in the sea at 4 20 am, just as the sun broke the horizon.  The sky was clear to the east, so the swimmers had a superb view of the sun as it began its daily journey.  18 folk enjoyed a swim in calm waters, before an alfresco breakfast on the beach complete with sausages cooked over a brazier.  YC joined in the dip, before heading off to the Windy Gyle Fell Race.  Onwards and upwards!

Postscript - the Windy Gyle fell race was run in almost ideal conditions.  High clouds, warm but not too hot, and dry under foot.  YC took it canny (code for "more fitness needed"), running round steadily paced by Steph Scott, until she disappeared into the distance on the run down The Street.  After 76 mins covering 8 miles and 2,000 ft, YC found himself back at the finish.  After watching the other runners come in, there was just time for a "wild swim" in The Coquet - much warmer than the North Sea.  Many thanks to Team Green (Phil, James & Thomas) and Sue Mitchell who masterminded the race.

sunrise swim
don't drop the sausages Roger!

Mr & Mrs Rev T before their swim
al fresco breakfast

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Elite fellrunner spotted at Roman Wall Show Race

Or should that be - aged fellrunner with dodgy calf spotted meandering his way around 4.5 mile race with a few ups and downs, but no major climbs?  YC will leave readers to judge.  Here is the photo.  For the record, YC finished in mid table obscurity in 38 minutes.  Very importantly, he had most definitely had his tea after the race.
hobbling in with no-one to beat - photo courtesy of Andy Russell & Pauline

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

in other news...

Emma Duff has finished her training course at Queens, Birmingham.  Timothy & Pat went to her passing out service.  Not long till ordination now.

Andrew Walker has graduated from the Open University.  Check out the photos with his brother Tim and sister Gill - only a mere 45 years separate the graduation photos.

Susan Miller has been lion darting in South Africa again, but found time with Vince to take this photo of elephants at a water hole.

Ruth Kelly is organsing an exhibition of Phil Kelly's work.   If you hop on a plane to Mexico tomorrow, you might just make it.

Ruth Walker celebrated her 60th birthday with a northern gathering at The Grand Hotel

before Emma's leaving service
as seen by Susan and Vince

  Click here for Andrew, Tim and Gill graduation photos (PDF)

Phil Kelly exhibition

Ruth Walker's Northern 60th Gathering

Sunday, 8 June 2014

sailing again

More sailing on the Norfolk Broads.  This time a northern waters cruise with Mr & Mrs Rev T.  We sailed to Coltishall - the unfrequented head of navigation on the River Bure.  Stella was last there several years ago.  Other haunts visited were Horsey Mere, West Somerton, and Gay's Staithe.  Pub of the cruise was The White Horse at Neatishead - completely renovated and offering superb Grain Oak Bitter (3.8% ABV).  Very useful when, a la Rev T, you have "had your tea..."

at Coltishall Locks
at Coltishall Locks
leaving Horsey Mere
wherry Albion at Ludham Bridge