Monday, 27 January 2014

fellrunning, birdwatching, and snowmen

YC was over in The Lakes at the weekend, getting in some much needed hill-time after his injury lay-off.  John Telfer was leading the way, blazing a trail over many a Lakeland pass and fell.  YC did his best to keep up, both on the hills and later in the bar slaking the raging fellrunner's thirst - but came a poor second on both fronts.

After all that exercise, YC took it easy today with some birdwatching on the Northumberland Coast.  There were black-tailed godwits and a merganser at Hauxley, a long-tailed duck and goldeneye at Chevington, and an otter and water-rail at Cresswell - so all very exciting.

Meanwhile in Poland it's distinctly on the chilly side.  James reports that it's been down to -13C and that the snow is too fine and dry to make a snowman.  So instead Matthew and Phoebe have been doing their snowmen impressions - see below.

Who wants to be a junior snowman?  I do!
back on the fells

the view from Cresswell Hide

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year's Day Swim

The King Edward's Bay Swimmers saw in the New Year with a dip this morning.  It was bracing but enjoyable.  YC joined them, as did Emma and Mr & Mrs Rev T.  Star billing goes to Roger Mowbray who has swum at KEB every day of 2013.  Yes, you read that correctly, every day last year. Plus he has walked down from Earsdon too.  A truly remarkable achievement.  Penny (left on the photo) designed a special banner in Roger's honour, and it flew proudly on KEB this morning.  Here's to lots of swims in 2014, Roger!
Roger on KEB
with the swimmers inc Penny

no shoes for Rev T