Monday, 21 September 2015

Thropton Show and a sofa to relax on

YC ran the Thropton Show on Saturday.   This 6.5 miler heads up and down Simonside and was a counter in the NFR championship races.  It was a warm day under blue skies.  YC hung on to Phil Green's coat-tails on the climb, which was a wise move as Phil knew the way through the trees.  On the return leg, YC managed to pull clear on the steep descent off the crags, and finished in 19th place overall.  Roll on the next leg of the NFR champs - The Tour of Pendle in November.  

Back in Durham, YC's old sofa has made it into the back room courtesy of Tynemouth Handmade Furniture (Chris Smith's business whose van the sofa neatly fitted into).  It's perfect for watching the birdlife on the feeders in the back garden.  Visitors to date include nuthatches, bullfinches, and blue tits.

snazzy pyjamas!