Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Yare Navigation Race

YC was back on Mimosa for another shot at The Yare Navigation Race on the Norfolk Broads. Last year there was hardly any wind. This year...there was hardly any wind AND the tide was adverse. It made for a rather slow sail. Some boats started at 5am when there wasn't a breath of wind. Mimosa left at 7 30 am and was also becalmed. After drifting downriver for a few hours, we retired at Langley Woods where all the boats were stuck in the wind-blanket of the trees. It was a race for the "big boats" - Achievement won and Breeze was second.

Here's a photo of Mimosa's crew - Lois, Andy and Dave - with the yacht Beth in the background.
These photos show how still it was.
Mimosa drifting downriver. Photo from Jennie Child on Privateer (number 127).