Thursday, 25 September 2008

84 Charing Cross Road

YC saw the play "84 Charing Cross Road" at the People's Theatre this evening. It's a wry set of letters sent between Helene Hanff in New York and a bookshop - Marks & Co - at 84 Charing Cross Road. At the end of the play, the book merchant at Marks & Co (Frank Doel) dies and the shop has to close. This left YC wondering - who or what occupies 84 Charing Cross Road now? A pint of beer awaits the first reader to e-mail the answer - photographic evidence if possible please.

UPDATE - Andy Angel reports that it was a jazz cafe last time he visited (though that was in the 1990's and as Andy says "I'm getting old"). Can anyone else give some recent info?

YC thought that the social secretary of the People's Theatre Group - Katrina - looked slightly glum. Could it have been a stressful day at the office? (no such worries for YC of course). No, it was even worse. She didn't know about The BN Blog and had been missing her fix of must-read stories. Happily, this was an easy problem to cure and she now knows all about it. Indeed YC last saw her racing from the theatre doors in order to read the latest BN without any further delay - if only all readers were so keen.