Sunday, 14 September 2008

of dates and limes

YC took a trip down south to see his brother James & family (pictured above) in Wonersh. After being greeted with a welcoming cup of tea, his eye drifted in the direction of the drinks cabinet. So when he was offered another tea, his spirits rather drooped. However he was instantly revived when the second tea turned out to be Traditional English Ale from the Hogs Back Brewery.

On Saturday, he joined the Wonersh Duffs on a trip to Earlsfield for lunch with their friends Dosser & Helen. This was a splendid feast. But YC was slightly puzzled by the offerings on the starter plate. Was it usual down south to serve dates and limes as a warm up for the main course? Happily Katie saved YC's blushes by pointing out that the dates were in fact sun-dried tomatoes, and the limes figs. Of course they were, YC was just testing.

The Sunday was another beautiful sunny day - the summer rain had finally been banished. So YC was able to recall his mis-spent youth on Tynemouth beach by building a series of tunnels in the sandpit, all of which was under the careful tutelage of Matthew Duff. Wonersh has never seen such an engineering edifice - good was not the word.