Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Walkers in town

left - Margaret, Diane, Pat, Timothy, Brian
right - Andrew, Frances, Gill, Alistair

The Walker relatives have been in Tynemouth over the weekend. Alistair & Margaret are over from Canada, and Gill & Brian were visiting from Teddington. There was a gathering for a splendid lunch at Andrew & Diane's on Sunday. Diane is a fine cook, whilst Andrew is equally adept at opening a bottle of beer. So naturally YC enjoyed the lunch immensely. YC's cousin Frances Walker was also there. Frances is putting YC to shame on the fellrunning front, having completed numerous races this year including the 14 mile Langdale Horseshoe the day before.

The only Walker sibling not present was Tim. He was travelling back to the UK from New Zealand where he had been following the rugby world cup. He wisely restricted himself to the England pool games, so missed seeing the loss to France in Auckland. Here are Tim & Gill (second and third from the right) at a game - astute readers might be able to guess which team they were supporting.

Now that Wales are the only home nation left in the World Cup, YC encourages readers to learn the Welsh National Anthem. He has been teaching it to colleagues at work (much to their delight). For those who have not had the pleasure, here are the words for the phonetic version. Readers can sing along to it by clicking here.

My hain gwlad vern hadai
un an-oil ee me,

Gwlad baerth a chantorion en wog-yon or vrie,

Eye gurol ruv-el-wir gwlad garwyr trah mard,

Dross ru-thid coch rasant aye gwide.


Gwlad gwlad,

Plie [2 notes] de-ol oiv [2 notes] eem gwlad

Trah more un veer eer beer hore-ff vie,

Oh buthed eer hen-yithe barr-high.