Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Blimey blimey YC's 40

After the RTI Race, FC1 (Stella Genesta) cruised for 8 days with FC2 (Mimosa) on the southern rivers. They visited old haunts (Beccles, Loddon, Reedham) and tried some of the fine Norfolk and Suffolk ales on offer (strictly out of a sense of duty): Messrs Adnams, Woodforde, and Green King were all found to be present and on good form.

Readers will be amazed to learn that YC reached the ripe old age of 40 on the cruise (yes, he knows he doesn't look it - readers are too kind). It blew a hoolie on the day which prevented any sailing, but this didn't stop a morning run, champagne lunch at Brundall and then a celebratory meal in Norwich at night.

All together now (to the tune of John Brown's body):

It's John Duff's birthday, he is 40 years today,
He has tested out the wind and he has shouted in dismay,
Now the girls of Norwich are waiting he must leave without delay,
His birthday is today.

Glory glory John Duff's 40 [times 3]
He's 40 years today.

He has gone off for a run, but he's a veteran from today,
He has past his prime and needs more wine to help him on his way,
He is catching up old codger, getting closer by the day,
His birthday is today.

Blimey blimey John Duff's 40 [times 3]
Young Wyvern's young no more.

Written and performed by the crew of Mimosa.
The signal of the day: TJD 40.
The crews of FC1 & FC2 in Cafe Uno, Norwich joined by Mels Farrar. Just where did all those wine bottles come from?