Sunday, 24 August 2008

Another Birthday

FC1 & FC2's cruise concluded with a last night at Brundall. After several glasses of ale in The Yare Hotel and then wine on board, the crews felt inspired to regale the local populace with after dinner classics such as Flower of Scotland, Blaydon Races, Blimey Blimey John Duff's 40 etc. The local populace were deeply grateful. After dinner, Rev T was even allowed back to the pub for a wall game [cunning darts game] where his mastery of the subtle arts knew no bounds (how do you score in this game? who is Gazza? etc etc)

The evening was given some extra zing by the celebration of Lois' birthday. Modestly prevents YC from divulging her age, but there was a clue in the signal for the day:
FC2 35

Here are the crews of FC1 & FC2 in the Yare Hotel, Brundall.