Friday, 8 March 2013

hobbling along

A fellrace at Glaisdale last Sunday didn't exactly go to plan.  YC ran a mile up the road, 400 yards across a moor (pictured left), then promptly put his foot into a rut, twisted awkwardly, and pulled his calf.  Steph & Will (NFR stalwarts) both stopped to check he was OK - thanks.  But YC personfully managed to hobble back to the road, then hitched a lift to the finish.  

After a visit to the physio, YC is not yet "up and running", but the calf is appreciably better.  A pair of NHS crutches (loaned by another runner) make life a lot easier.

Susan Miller spotted several home remedies recently in South Africa (see photo left).  YC has not resorted to the urine of a hare yet (though you never know).  But there is another secret remedy which acts as a panacea to cure all life's ills.  It comes from a hand-pump and is available in all good public houses.  Can any astute reader guess what it might be?