Monday, 27 February 2012

a trip to Murrayfield

Sunday saw The Duffs making their annual pilgrimage to Murrayfield. They were accompanied by Chris Smith. After several practices of The Marseillaise on the train, the real thing was rendered easy by the number of French supporters round about. As usual, Rev T took his boots "just in case", but on this occasion was not required for the subs bench. It was a splendid game with 2 tries for each team, but sadly Scotland couldn't win (plus ca change) with France prevailing 17-23. Nevertheless readers will be heartened to learn that the beer in The Last Drop and Half Way House was excellent.

left - Emma & Chris discuss half time team tactics
right - an eager fan leaps (a la Rev T) for the line-out from the sidelines

kilts to the fore on The Esplanade