Sunday, 25 December 2011

A Christmas Cracker

What do you call a bear with no hair? Fred bear.

That little gem tumbled out of the Christmas cracker today. It gave a chortle to the Wonersh Duffs when YC relayed it by phone later on.

Lunch at YC's today was enjoyable (though he says so himself). By 12 30 pm Rev T had most definitely had his tea. So a glass (or two) of champagne got proceedings off to a fine start. Meanwhile Emma was masterminding proceedings in the kitchen. Everything went swimmingly until she turned the wrong oven off by mistake. This meant the roast potatoes took a tad longer than expected to cook. Fortunately there were ample supplies on hand to while away the slight delay, after which turkey and all the trimmings was "superb".

YC is now off to the Tynemouth Lodge to slake the raging Christmas lunch thirst with a pint or two of Deuchars. It's a tough life.

Left - Rev T: where's my hat? Mrs Rev T - on your head.
Right - the chef at work.

There was, of course, time to watch The Queen's speech at 3 pm today. No-one could accuse YC of being an ardent royalist, but he thought HMQ hit the spot today. She concluded by quoting this well known carol as a prayer:
"O Holy Child of Bethlehem descend to us we pray.
Cast out our sin and enter in, be born in us today."

You can listen to the broadcast in full on the BBC i-player.