Tuesday, 16 August 2011

monopoly & model railways with Matthew

Matthew is back in Tynemouth staying with Grandpa and Granny (more commonly known to readers as Rev & Mrs T). He has brought with him a travelling set of Monopoly with which he is rapidly licking YC into shape. Hands up which readers can remember how many houses make a hotel - YC certainly couldn't recall.

Today Matthew has been to Chris Campbell's house to play on the model railway. The railway is in Chris's attic and provides lot of scope for a "young controller" to keep the trains running on time. When he is not driving the trains, Matthew is reading "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". Harry has just got to Diagon Alley and is about to buy his wand. After that Harry will be able to perform all sorts of magic. As well as freeing snakes in the zoo, Grandpa is hoping that Harry's magic will extend to refilling the wine bottles at Percy Gardens. You never know...

left - a young controller at work on the model railway
right - Chris points out the finer detail to Matthew