Saturday, 7 May 2011

Fellrunning with Old Cheviot

Old Cheviot parked by the white metalled bridge and headed up the side valley. It was 8 30 am and the early rain was just clearing. As he past the restored shepherd's cottage, he was running in splendid isolation with just the skylarks for company. He reached his highpoint half an hour later. The Fell Runners Association has decided in their wisdom to classify races in metric measurements, but readers will be reassured to know that OC remains firmly rooted in the past and so still thinks of the summit as 2676 ft high.

Turning hard left at the summit, he stirred his aged bones into action for the steep descent, before picking his way to the next hill at 2343 feet. After another steep downhill section, he enjoyed the run along the broad ridge past some crags and a corner until his path brought him full circle to his starting point.

Can any reader guess the route of OC's fellrun? A glass of the finest (served in a strictly imperial pint measure) will be awarded to the first correct answer.