Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Easter & May Day sailing

YC has spent 10 days sailing on the fine crafts Mimosa & Stella Genesta on The Norfolk Broads. This was his first sail of the year. Haunts visited included Thorpe St Andrew & Loddon on Mimosa, and Berney & Oulton on Stella. The wind picked up significantly over the week, and by the Green Wyvern May Day cruise Stella was sailing with 3 reefs and a storm jib - something not seen for several years. Readers will be surprised to learn that YC sampled the odd half of beer (as the weather was warm at times). The award for the best beer goes to the Adnams at The Three Horseshoes (North Cove) by a short head (boom boom).

left - Andy & Lois sailing up Reedham Street on Easter Saturday
right - reefing on the lower Yare in chillier conditions

left - the May Day fleet at Oulton Broad
right - a party for the Royal Wedding (the Buckingham Palace invitations got lost in the post) complete with tacky bunting

left - Mimosa leaves the Berney with 2 reefs down
right - an Old Hand in his element, flying the F40 signal for Dick & Jan Farrar's ruby wedding

a rare sight - Stella with 3 reefs down approaching The Beauchamp.
photo from Lois.

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