Sunday, 16 January 2011

Simonside Cairns Race

YC ran the Simonside Cairns Race today. This 11 miler starts in Rothbury and does a circuit of Simonside, finishing with an enjoyable run along the ridge and down through Lordenshaws car park. The snow and ice had finally gone, and the weather was surprisingly mild. YC ran most of the way in company with Graham Walton and Tim McCall, and finished 22nd out of 102 in just under 100 minutes. There was a sizeable Scottish contingent at the race and they provided both the male and female winners - Alasdair Anthony (Ochills) and Emma O'Shea (Deeside). In case readers are wondering, YC has now had his tea...[beer next!]

left - runners at the start
right - Les Turnbull, Stewart Barrie & Graham Walton at the finish

Heading for home on the Simonside ridge. Photo by Will Horsley

PS YC thought he was doing well to run the Cairns race today, until he heard from John Telfer and Stewart Barrie. They had warmed up for the race with 20 miles around the Old Crown Round yesterday: Skiddaw, Blencathra, and several other tops in appalling weather. Here they are celebrating their round in Hesket Newmarket. They've had their tea...