Monday, 1 November 2010

Dartmoor Days

left - one of the many impressive tors
right - heading for Yes Tor
more photos

YC ran the OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) over the weekend with Paul Hainsworth. The OMM was held on Dartmoor this year. YC had never been there, so was interested to see the various tors (granite rocks) on the hilltops. The weather was great on the Saturday (high clouds and some sun) but not so great on the Sunday (wet/windy/low cloud etc) - "just a typical day on Dartmoor" was one marshal's dry comment.
We were entered on the medium score event where competitors have to visit as many checkpoints in an alloted time. This made for good running away from the crowds on the linear courses, but also ensured we became acquainted with the pathless tussocks and peat hags. Our progress was leisurely at times (which we blamed on both having colds but might also have been due to lack of fitness/old age etc) but always enjoyable. We even found time to climb Dartmoor's two 2,000 foot hills on the first day, which kept YC happy.
Other folk spotted there were Jane Saul & Robin Witchell on the "social" short score - which turned out to be very social when they had to form a human chain with several other teams to cross a chest-high swollen stream; Steve Birkinshaw & Jethro Lennox who were 2nd on the elite (which entailed a mind boggling 80 km of running); and Duncan Archer from DFR who was also on the elite and finished a creditable 5th.
YC would also like to reassure readers that he even found time for some training on beer. If you find yourself with an hour or two to kill at Bristol airport, then check out the Butcombe Bitter in the upstairs bar. After 11 hours of running around Dartmoor, it truly hits the spot.