Sunday, 16 November 2014

Simonside Cairns Recce & on the Polish/Slovakian Border

YC recce-ed the Simonside Cairns race route with Chris Smith and Paul Hainsworth today.   After days of rain and low cloud, the weather was superb.  Rothbury was shrouded in mist, but we soon emerged from that into a glorious temperature inversion.  With no mist on the tops and almost no wind, conditions were fantastic.  We clocked up 12 miles and 1750 ft of climbing, which was the furthest that Chris has ever run.  And in case readers are wondering - YC has just had his tea.

a foot in both camps - Poland & Slovakia
Foreign news - Mr & Mrs Rev T are visiting James & co in Poland.  They have headed down to the Tatra Mountains for the weekend where they have recce-ed the Polish/Slovakian border at Kasprowy Wierch.  It sits at 1,950 metre.  Rev T commented: "Simonside?  A mere bagatelle.  Try getting to 1,950 metres.  PS I've definitely had my tea!"
on top of Simonside
leaving Spylaw