Sunday, 6 July 2014

Chevy Chase

YC ran the Chevy Chase yesterday.  20 miles from Wooler up Cheviot and Hedgehope was a bit of a shock to the system.  YC last ran this distance about 20 months ago.   The first 3 hours was enjoyable, thought the last 45 minutes were a tad on the tough side. But spurred on by promises from John Telfer of "tea" at the finish, YC gritted his teeth and finished in 3 hours 43 minutes, 26th overall - nae bad for an aged runner with a dodgy calf.

YC ran most of the race in the pleasant company of Graham Walton and Emma Bain.  The former sported a natty Tour de France-type yellow jersey, while the latter could lay claim to the jersey as she won the ladies' race.

Afterwards, when YC had well and truly 'had his tea', readers can probably guess what came next.  More tea?  Wrong, try again.

Photos courtesy of The Prof .

runners climbing Hedgehope
all smiles at the start
Emma, John & Steph at the finish