Monday, 4 November 2013

RYA Instructor Week

YC has spent the last week in Norfolk, training to be an RYA sailing instructor.  This has involved sailing yeomans (small keelboats) with the Nancy Oldfield Trust on Barton Broad - and very enjoyable it was too.  Techniques learned included lying-to, man overboard, and the RYA method of tacking.  YC, with Ian Bowmaker and Bill Bacon, emerged as RYA instructors at the end.  The next step is to pass on all this new-found wisdom on a Green Wyvern week - stand by one and all!

There was a chance for a minor celebration at the De-rigging Party on Saturday at Cantley.  YC would like to reassure readers that he didn't drink any of the lovely Reedham Gold (3.6% ABV) or wash it down at the end of the evening with a dark rum.
"The Ark" on Barton Broad
heading out of Neatishead

the new instructors - Bill, Jane, Ian, Fi, YC