Tuesday, 20 August 2013

swimming in the slow lane, or travelling in the fast lane?

Celebratory birthday swims at Kings Edwards Bay are clearly catching on.  YC saw in his birthday with a morning dip - and very pleasant it was too.  For readers wondering just how many years young he was - click on the photo below.

Today he achieved a swimming first: in company with Chris Smith he swam from King Edwards Bays to the Long Sands.  Conditions were perfect - a flat calm and a high tide.  The visibility was great - with all the rocks and seaweed on view.  Unlike the morning dip, YC and Chris were attired in full wetsuits.  Chris wore a snorkel and flippers, while YC opted for goggles and front crawl.  Apart from a few gentle waves around Sharpness Point, the sea was calm and the swimming enjoyable.  It beats a pool any day and, what's more, it's free.
birthday swim at KEB
how old?

For those who prefer a slightly swifter mode of transport to swimming, you could:
  • check out Concord at Manchester Airport
  • go on a steam train on the Settle to Carlisle Railway

Tim & Gill Walker have been doing both - see below.  Lest readers think that they live their life exclusively in the fast lane, YC hastens to point out that Tim & Gill also climbed Cartmell Fell in the Lake District.  There was a welcome seat on the top, where Tim was delighted to rest his weary limbs.