Saturday, 29 December 2012

a grand day in the lakes (but don't mention the tea bags)

YC ventured over to the Lake District with some folk from Northumberland Fell Runners for a day in the hills.  The long-range forecast of sunshine had proved to be as reliable as Newcastle United's recent form, with the reality being heavy rain and wind.  We parked at Mardale Head at Haweswater, having negotiated lanes flooded by the overnight rain.

Our leader was John Telfer who took us on a 16 mile route over Harter Fell and Shipman Knotts to Kentmere, then back via the Ill Bell ridge to High Street.  There was a terrific hail storm on top of Froswick that tested the mettle of even the hardiest fellrunners.  But spurred on by Steph Scott (illustrious winner of the Howtown Fell Race no less), we pressed on and descended via Riggindale.  Here we eventually popped out of the cloud and could enjoy the view down Haweswater.

We finished as we had started - in the pouring rain at Mardale Head.  This necessitated a quick change into dry clothes (outdoor designer gear for some of the party, Ron Hills for YC), and then tea and scones at the Haweswater Hotel where the following conversation ensued:
JT - ah tea, perfect for slaking the raging fellrunner's thirst.
YC - before possibly something stronger?
Victor Meldrew (aka Paul H) - never mind that, there's only 2 tea bags in this pot of tea!  Call this a proper brew?  I've had stronger brews out of lakeland streams!

All of which the assembled company found highly amusing.

Steph suggests to JT how many tea bags make a good brew
NFR in Kentmere - Paul H, Dexter, JT, Paul A (obscured), Steph, David