Monday, 26 March 2012

Howard Duffs visit Tynemouth

Pat, Emma, Timothy, Ian, Jill

Ian & Jill Howard Duff have been visiting Tynemouth. Ian is Uncle Bob's son and Rev T's cousin. YC met them for a drink in the Grand Hotel on Sunday evening. YC felt it diplomatic to be sociable, and so graciously accepted a pint of the necessary (and then another one). The others were doing the same, and a very convivial evening ensued.

The odd merry jape was exchanged, including the tale of when Ian went to heaven. He didn't think he'd qualify (being a sinner/wine drinker/teller of politically incorrect jokes etc), but he went for a look anyway. "It's alright" said St Peter, "we don't keep a record of sins, come in."

Heaven was all Ian ever wished for, and more. There was just one thing that puzzled him - a group of miserable looking folk (including Rev T) in one corner, who sat around moping all day long. "Oh, don't worry about them" said St Peter, "that's just the Christians. They thought we keep a record of sins too."