Monday, 26 September 2011

Yare Navigation Race 2011

YC has just returned from sailing on The Broads. The week culminated with the Yare Navigation Race on Mimosa (skipper Andy, Lois, Emma & YC). This race starts at Coldham Hall (near Brundall) and heads 15 miles down the Yare to Breydon Water, before returning to Coldham. The trick is to take the ebb down the river, timing your arrival on Breydon close to slack water, before returning on the flood tide. This year the tide was late and the wind forecast to fall out. So when to arrive on Breydon?

We aimed for a 3 30 pm arrival and by luck/judgement got there at that time. We had to punch the last of the ebb on the return leg, but did get the benefit of the best of the afternoon wind before it fell out.

We finished 6th overall on adjusted time (by handicap) out of 50 boats - a result which Lois declared was "dead exciting!". The 5 boats ahead of us were all "big boats" ie serious racing machines in a different league - so we were the first "slow" boat home.

Before the race, YC had spent a few days cruising with Mr & Mrs Rev T on the fine craft Stella Genesta. By now YC is sure readers know the script - leisurely sailing, crossword solving, training on beer etc etc. All very enjoyable.

left - Stella & Mimosa's crews in Burgh St Peter churchyard
right - racing on Mimosa by Langley Woods

left - boats waiting for the bridge to open in Reedham Street
right - race winner Moonshadow

photos of pre race cruise

photos of Yare Navigation Race