Saturday, 4 December 2010

what you might have missed

Birtley News has been merrily recording news and views from around the globe over the past year. But in case you might have missed some of it, here's a resume of what's been happening.

YC has been fellrunning at events such as The 2 Breweries Race, and venturing into Scotland for a mountain marathon. He's not the only one to catch the running bug. Susan Miller has been hitting the trails in South Africa, whilst Ian and Mitchell Miller have been pounding the roads in Canada.

The fine craft Stella Genesta has been taking to the water on the Norfolk & Suffolk Broads - with compulsory porridge and prunes for good measure.

There have been family celebrations this year. James Duff reached his 40th birthday (YC will get there one day - joke), and Joe Chillingworth married Anna in Somerset.

We said farewell to Phil Kelly (artist in Mexico) and Reg Webster (the man with the knapsack on his back).

Finally, YC has been getting in a healthy dose of realism (some might harshly say humbug!) by reminding readers that it's still only Advent.